Simple animated button slider

Toggle multiple buttons with customisable colours

Animated circular menu

Toggle multiple buttons with customisable colours

Accessibility colour changer

Change background and foreground colours for accessibility, the values are stored in a cookie

Masonry Plugin

Basic implementation of the Masonry plugin

Mobile Menu Content Slide

Mobile Menu Menu Extended

Mobile menu that slides in with extra functions

Mobile Menu Menu Slide In

Mobile menu that slides in from the side

Shade Menu

Multiple shades slide down to reveal nested menu

Tap Hover

1st tap hover, 2nd tap follow link, replicates iOS (click on desktop, follows link immediately)

Touch Pan View

Touch enabled pan viewing of large image (swipe left/right)

Simple Roundabout effect

Simple Roundabout carousel

Add This, minimal

3 size versions of minimal Add This

Background colour cross fader

An excellent plugin which offers background colour cross fading animation

Mobile First Form Template

A blank form designed from mobile first incorporating many mobile/touch optimisations

CSS Hover Mosaic

Fixed image hover effect showing larger pieces of the original image

Fake Social Media Feed

Show a fake social media / news ticker

Image CSS3 Rotation

Konami Code

Add the Konami code to your web pages

Offline image placeholder

Image placeholder that works offline

CSS3 Flip Panel Page Intro

Page intro animation technique using CSS3 3D panels

Search Expand Input

Click the search icon to expand the input, good for compact designs

Accessibility Skip Link

Allow users to skip to specific areas of content, moves tabbing foucs to that block

Equalise Heights

Using the Match Height plugin, a very robust equalise height script, with destroy method, useful for responsive sites

Search Overlay Menu

Search box expands to cover the menu, shrinks back when not it use

Full screen video with fixed height

Full screen width but with limited height maintaining aspect ratio

jQueryUI Datepicker, classes on dates

Add classes to individual dates

CSS Drop Shadows

Pure CSS drop shadows

Lazyload Google Map

Google image API to load an intial map, changes to interactive v3 map on click

Scroll Fixed Top Menu

Scroll down the page to fix the menu to the top of the page

Ssearch anywhere v2

Just type to get started, v2 has bug fixes and auto background blur

Add a user

Add multiple users to a form, intelligently shows/hides add/remove buttons

Equalise Button Height

Make buttons in a row the same height, useful for resonsive sites

Scroll direction and stop detection

Helper function to detect scroll direction and when scrolling occurs and stops

Table Col Toggle

Switch table cols on/off, useful for comparison tables

Equalise Heights in Rows

Equalise the heights of objects with the same class

Equalise Heights in Rows

Equalise heights of content within each row, adjusts height per row, avoids all content being the same height

Responsive List to Grid changer

Change the layout from Grid to List, works responsively

Equalise Definition Lists heights

Equalise heights in definition lists between DT & DD, useful for floated lists

Image zoom to center

Look Ma! No lightbox, zoom the image from where it sits in the page.

Masonry Plugin, infinite scroll & fixed footer

Masonry plugin extended to add infinite scroll and solve the most common complaint, fixed footer

Word Drop

Drag & Drop word game using jQueryUI

Cycle Plugin Responsive

Cycle plugin v1 responsive solution

Password show hide

Show or hide passwords, with clear icon, Esc key clear

jQuery Image Blur

Pixastic plugin to blur an image (toggle click the image)

Fixed Header with Horizontal Scrolling

Use a bit of jQuery to solve the clipping issue of fixed headers and horizontal scrolling

Google Map 2 Locations

Google Map showing 2 locations, can be used for "Contact Us" to show multiple office locations

Google Map Locations from JSON file

Google Map reading a JSON file to show multiple markers, custom marker and styled infowindow

Google Map with dynamic style changer

Google Map with dynamic style theme changer, JSON stored markers, custome marker and infowindow

HTML5 Audio and events

Displays events for HTML5 audio, useful for mobile testing

Countdown Timer

Shows time to an event

Image Cropper

Image cropper plugin, useful for profile picture creation

Mobile Orientation & Size Detect

Detect mobile orientation and true screen dimensions

qTips plugin

qTips plugin showing a variety of config options

Select box styling

Select box styling (Uniform plugin), reduced to bare essentials, added mouse & keyboard focus highlighting

Numbers Only

Limit a text input to just numberic keys, supports keypad and directions (home, end, cursor etc...)

Allow alpha numberic characters

Limit a text input to just alpha numberic keys, supports keypad and directions (home, end, cursor etc...)

Menu Slide Over

Off canvas menu which layers sub navigation on top of each other

Animated Border Transparency

Animate the border to highlight to an object

Video Double Lazy Load

added image lazy load to thumbnail

Load base64 font from local storage

Base64 encoded fonts called from local storage, mobile performance boost which works faster than browser cache

Apple style flip counter

An excellent plugin to show an animated counter with flip panels

Image Wiper for Before & After

Show an image with a before and after effect, move the wiper across to show the different images

Background effect image parallax scroll

NOT your usual parallax effect. This is a subtle parallax background effect to run continuously to add depth to a page

CSS3 Cover effect

A JS solution to CSS3 cover effect for images, useful for older browsers, adjust browser dimensions to see effect

A-Z index and search

Bit of a twist to alphabetical search and the search box, click on the "+" icon

Equalise tab widths

Quick little script to equalise the widths of tabs, takes into account, padding, margin and border styles


A screensaver, mainly used on kiosk type websites

Responsive Tabs / Accordion Switcher

Change tabs into an accordion when at mobile size

iFrame Overlay Fix

Corrects iframes to allow menu's or other content to correctly overlay it

Minimal Search Box with auto Expand

Don't clutter up your interface, only expand the search when it has focus

Animated bar chart

Just a simple animated bar chart, (NOT a charting plugin)

Equalise height in rows

When creating spotlights on a web template, equalise the heights in each row instead of just equalising the heights for all spotlights

Touch Framework

Excellent plugin to register touch events

Parallax Carousel

Nice little parallax carousel with return to slide 1 functionality

Rip Strip

Rip a strip off the page to show promotional area

CSS Hexagons

No image, no JS, just pure CSS hexagons with hover state, IE needs hover state

360° Image Spin Desktop

The excellent Reel plugin demonstrating a desktop sized image spinner, good for ecommerce sites

360° Image Spin iPhone

Owing to image dimensions constraints a more size optimised version for smartphones

Facebook timeline image swipe with partial show

Touch swipe image slider using iOSSlider plugin, partial show of next & previous images

Inline text with padding

Show padding on inline text, doesn't use multiple lines of text

Popup Overlay at page bottom

Good for showing comparison or help text at bottom of the screen

EULA box scroll text

Multiple ways of initiating text scrolling in a box, good for EULA or T&C's

Lazy Load Images

Very useful plugin from appelsiini to lazy load images, great for optimising page load times

News Autoscroller

Useful prototype demo of an auto advancing news scroller

Roundabout Carousel

Superb 3D carousel plugin with drag and touch features & a few custom enhancements

Word by Word Display

Display text like an old fashioned teletype

Scroll to position

Click to scroll to a position on the page

Page scroll sticky menu

A menu which sticks to the top of the screen and is released at the bottom of the page

Page scroll slide out panel

A panel which slides out, useful for signup & newsletter requests

Offscreen Accessibility Menu

Accessibility menu containing quick links to page content, activated when user tabs through links

Full page slider

A full page slider that accomodates variable length content, not just the usual full screen image slider

Cycle plugin - Animated bar

An animated bar illustrating a timer to the next slide transition

Cycle plugin - Double

2 carousels at the same time, opposite directions with direction switch, visual overflow bug fixed and no-js catch

BBC Panel Slider

Recreated BBC panel slider with custom options for controlling animation & fading speed independently

Table Row & Col Highlighter

Usability feature for showing active table cell with row and col highlighting

JQzoom (plugin)

Great plugin for showing close up detail of an image, good for image galleries

Polaroid Twist with Zoom

Polaroid styled image with hover effect showing twisted image stack

Fade and Remove

Nice little technique for removing content blocks, good for news feed scenarios

Full screen background video

Background video that scales to fill the whole of the screen, maintains aspect ratio when browser is resized

Video lazy load

Increase page load efficiency by dynamically inserting youtube videos from poster image ID

Fish Eye Dock Text Menu

No images, text based dock style menu with fish eye effect (2 versions)

Mouse / Touch Events

Testing mouse and touch events

Mobile Menus

A variety of mobile menu patterns

(possibly every type of mobile menu is demonstrated)

Offline placeholder

Automagialy insert placeholder Lorem Ipsum text and images offline


HTC photo gallery app recreated

Image preloader (plugin)

Experiment to test preloader plugin

Image background change

Constantly changes background image tiles on mouseover

Colour background change

Constantly changes colour of background tiles on mouseover (same as image changer)

iOS Slider (plugin)

Experiment to test iOS Slider plugin (very cool plugin)

Search anywhere

Myspace search anywhere recreated, slightly improved. Just type to make it work

Shopping hover

IKEA catalog hover effect, recreated, improved and refactored

Text area expander (plugin)

Automatically expand a textarea height

Turn.js (plugin)

Experiment to test page curl & turn effects, works best on desktop.

(Pull corners to animate)

Win 8 Tiles

Recreated metro UI interactive tiles

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